“My goal is to help parents and educators everywhere teach young children about endangered species by simplifying the facts in a fun, interactive way.”

About Carol

After over 40 years working in a business career that spanned several industries, Carol is doing what she has always secretly wanted to do.  Write books for kids.
Having had so much fun with her family when they were young inspired her to incorporate both her desire to explore different subjects and her love of writing into the creation of a series of enjoyable, educational books for kids, to help them learn about absolutely everything under the sun...and beyond
Recognizing the need to respect our planet and the role we play in preserving it for our future generations, Carol chose to focus the first series of books on “Endangered Species”.  Sadly, there are so many, that she could spend the rest of her life writing about the importance of each.
National Geographic has aired many television documentaries on sharks, and after learning the value they contribute to our planet and how we are destroying them by the millions, Carol chose that species for her first book. Also, her nephew’s son was obsessed with them. As luck would have it, after 4 years of on and off writing, she actually finished writing it during the last television airing of Shark Week.  A good sign!
Carol's intention is to create informative books in a unique manner, bringing together proven facts and information that will help kids who do not have the time nor desire to read a large amount of material with complicated words and concepts, and present them in a way they can easily and quickly be read and understood.  Her hope is that it will also encourage valuable discussion and continuous learning.
Carol looks forward to researching and writing about many more endangered species spreading awareness of their value and encouraging a more positive approach worldwide to protect them, as they do play a significant role in our survival.

Hi Everyone - Why the a.k.a Carrots?

I have always loved learning about all sorts of stuff and having a bit of fun while doing it helps me to better understand what I'm reading. It also helps me to remember it too.
As kids, my siblings and I would always raid my mother’s garden.  Peas were the favourite. I ate so many one day, I was violently ill for over a day.  Consequently, I could not eat another garden pea.
Not to be left out of the raids, I had to pick another vegetable. The next best one was carrots. The only drawback was that I had to clean the dirt off the carrot first, but found spitting on it, then wiping it on my pants worked well.
Because of all the carrots I ate, that became my nickname, and it has stuck with me ever since. It is kind of a fun name, and as I mentioned already, I do like to have fun! 
Carrots facing right