All Species Play a Part in Maintaining a Healthy Planet

We help parents and educators teach the importance of protecting endangered species.


How we help you

Our educational books for kids encourages them to learn more about how the loss of various species in our world affects the health of our planet and their future.

Promoting a "Super Quick" read we bring together proven facts and information then present them in a uniquefun and easy-to-understand manner.

It takes only 20 - 25 minutes to learn a wealth of information on the featured species.

Great for kids...actually anyone who would like to learn about endangered species and how they contribute to our environment, but may not have the time nor desire to read large amounts of material with complicated words and concepts.

They are also meant to inspire conversation and discussion on why endangered species need to be protected.

Every day we learn of animals, birds, insects and plants that are becoming endangered or are facing extinction.

​In order to maintain a healthy balance of life and environment on our planet, we need all species to survive.

Parents, teachers, and trusted influencers may use these books to help spread awareness of how we need to protect all species on our planet that contribute to its health and survival.


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